Student Discount Network Program with George Brown College

Welcome to the Student Discount Program for George Brown College Students.

Sandhurst Family Dental Clinic is part of the Student Discount Network Program. We are proud to offer George Brown College students discounted pricing on their dental services to ensure they maintain great oral health. Refer a friend or a classmate and save more on your next visit!

At George Brown College, most students already get a fully-subsidized check-up and teeth cleaning services program offered through their current school dental insurance plan. If the services you require are not covered,  a structured co-payment plan can be put into place if the dental program is partially subsidized. Please check your student dental plan breakdown in the section below for more details.


Are you covered under the George Brown College Student Dental Insurance Plan?

George Brown College students are generally enrolled into the student medical and dental plans when they pay their tuition. There are a few exceptions where students can opt out if they have other insurance coverage. Below you will find some reasons why students may not be covered by the insurance program:

  • Students not covered by the Student Dental Insurance Plan
  • Opted out of the dental plan
  • Opted out of the dental plan in a previous school year (dental plan may not automatically become active in subsequent years)
  • Failed to pay tuition on time
  • On academic probation
  • On leave of absence
  • Co-op or job placement
  • Taking a semester off and returning part-time
  • ESL programs
  • Foreign exchange students
  • Taking only summer courses
  • Certain scholarship-funded tuition
dental clinic

If you need to contact your student association for more details you can find their details here:

Student Association of George Brown College
Casa Loma: Student Centre, Room E100
Ryerson: Student Association Office, Room 614 (SHE Building)
St. James: Room 147 (Student Association Office)
Waterfront: Room 033 (Student Association Office)
Tel: 416-415-5000 ext 2443 (Benefits Hotline)
ext 2455 (St. James)
ext 4730 (Casa Loma)

Greenshield Customer Care (Dental Insurance)
Tel: 1-888-711-1119