Student Discount Network Program with OCAD University

Welcome to the Student Discount Program for OCAD University Students.

Sandhurst Family Dental Clinic is part of the Student Discount Network Program offered by the Canadian Federation of Students. Because of this program, great oral health is affordable for students.

Refer a friend or a classmate to us and save even more.

At OCAD University most students are part of a fully subsidized check-up and teeth cleaning services program through their current school dental insurance plan.

If you require a service that is only partially covered by your school, you can set up a structured co-payment plan. Ask us how!

Scroll down to learn more about who is covered under OCAD’s Discount Network Plan.

To learn more about the services offered by the Canadian Federation of Students, click here.


Are you covered under the OCAD University Student Dental Insurance Plan?

OCAD University generally enrolls students into a medical and dental plan. Once you’ve paid tuition, you have the choice to opt-out. If you are not being covered by this plan it is because you have…

  • opted out of the dental plan
  • previously opted out of the dental plan (dental plan may not automatically become active in subsequent years)
  • failed to pay tuition on time
  • are on academic probation
  • taken a leave of absence
  • enrolled in a co-op or job placement program
  • taken a semester off and returning part-time
  • been enrolled in ESL programs
  • been enrolled as a foreign exchange student
  • only been enrolled in summer courses
  • accepted a certain scholarship-funded tuition
A young female student has a large smile and is happy looking to show happy patients of Sandhurst.

Contact your student association for more information:

OCAD University Campus Administrator Student Centre
51 McCaul St, Level 2
Tel: 416-977-6000 ext 260