Teeth Whitening

There are numerous reasons that may cause your teeth to be dull and yellow such as aging, diet, injuries and many other factors. Teeth whitening can help you regain your confidence and smile.

Reasons for Tooth Discoloration include:

    • Drinking coffee, tea, wine or soft drinks
    • Root Canal Therapy
    • Natural aging – The dentin underneath the enamel of a tooth darkens over time
    • Accidents – a dead nerve will darken a tooth
    • Smoking or any tobacco use stains teeth

Whitening is a process that restores stained or discolored teeth to a healthy, natural color, and is very safe under the supervision of a dental professional. Some patients may experience heightened tooth sensitivity or mild tooth or gum sensitivity during treatment, but these symptoms are only temporary and disappear within a few days after the treatment is finished. It is important to have a dental check up and clean before commencing teeth whitening.

Although teeth whitening seems relatively new, whitening agents have been used in dentistry for many years. They are usually peroxide based, and can be very successful when used as directed. Some patients with nerve exposure notice sensitivity, but this can be managed by our dental team’s expertise. Don’t wait for that beautiful smile any longer.

Whitening too much can cause sensitivity and abrasion – too much is never recommended.

Sensitivity from tooth whitening is always transient. That means if there is any sensitivity caused by the whitening, it goes away within one to two days after the treatment, and the patient returns to the state of sensitivity he or she had prior to starting the whitening process.

Typically you can expect whitening to last from six months to two years, although some studies report results lasting up to 10 years. Avoiding red wine, coffee, and smoking—all of which can cause staining—helps preserve the results.

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