Feeling sweet? Give back to charity this season

Published in January 2020. 

Feeling sweet? Give back to charity this season

It’s the season of giving to those you love. It’s exciting to get a gift from your loved ones. But perhaps this is the year to give back?

Oral health organizations may not be as popular as other charitable organizations but let’s learn a little more about some that are making a difference.

Kindness in Action.

This charity based in Canada aims to help people access better oral health care worldwide. Today, Kindness in Action is active all over the world helping 500 people a week get the oral care they need. Volunteers can give back by educating locals on maintaining good dental hygiene. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to this cause, you can check them out at kindnessinaction.ca

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

This organization believes that every child deserves a healthy smile. This organization has been helping children receive oral health care since 2006. Researchers, clinicians and interested parties work together to provide access to oral health care in the US and Canada. Also known as America’s Tooth Fairy their goal is to support non-profit clinics that treat underserved children.

The holidays can be a time to give back. This year, look into one of these or any other health charity so that people all over the world can have the same access to a health professional when they need one. 

Is that sweet tooth still nagging you? It’s probably time to book your appointment.

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