Start them off young!

Published in May 2021. 


The best way to get your kids into the habit of brushing their teeth two times a day is to start them off young. But when some adults have problems practicing ideal oral hygiene, how can we get kids into the proper habits?.  We here at Sandhurst family dental are here to tell you not to worry, we’ve got a great couple of tips and tricks to help your kids become experts at dental health!

Remember what works for adults. doesn’t always work for children. It’s the same with toothpaste and toothbrushes too! While adults may find minty fresh to be refreshing, kids may get overwhelmed with the taste. Options like strawberry or bubblegum flavoured toothpaste won’t overwhelm them, and will get them to associate brushing their teeth with more pleasant tastes. Having multiple toothpaste options may also help, kids love to make their own choices, and letting them choose which toothpaste they want to use will make it feel like they are in charge of their teeth, rather than being forced to brush.

On that note, a child’s toothbrush is just as important as their toothpaste, and soft bristles are a must for young children. Brushing your teeth can hurt sometimes, we know that it does for adults, but children moreso. Their gums are sensitive, and their mouths are constantly growing with them, it’s important to accommodate the changes. We know that parents may be concerned with how effective softer bristles are, but plaque if dealt with appropriately twice a day, is still only a thin layer. Letting kids pick their own toothbrush also helps, again with the power of choice and to make brushing a little more enjoyable!

The most important factor to encourage kids to brush their teeth is to make it fun, remember that brushing your teeth isn’t a chore! Turning on music while they brush their teeth, brushing their teeth during commercial breaks of a TV show, or even making a game out of it, can really help. The ultimate goal is to stop associating brushing their teeth with negatives and to help them realize that while brushing their teeth is important, it can also be fun!