Should I delay my visit to the dentist?

Published in February 2021. 

We Haven’t Delayed A Visit to the Dentist and you Shouldn’t Either 

We know that visiting Sandhurst Family Dental hasn’t exactly been everyone’s number one priority recently, but we’re starting to miss our patients. We know that COVID-19 rightfully has everyone on edge and while we totally support staying at home, it’s probably best that you don’t put off your dental care. We’re open for non-emergency dental care and we’re waiting for you to drop by!

It’s a tricky choice to make, especially during COVID, should I stay home and worry about my dental health, or should i go to the dentist and worry about my overall health. Well, we’ve got just the solution to that mental debate! What if we told you that there was a way that you could stop putting off your dental care and still be as safe as possible. We’ve taken every precaution, and every member of the Sandhurst Family Dental Clinic has been trained in COVID protocols, we understand the worry about your health, but we’re just as concerned about the consequences of putting off a visit to the dentist. 

Tiny problems have a bad habit of becoming bigger if left unchecked. This applies to your teeth as well, a chipped tooth now, could end up as a cavity, or even worse lead to tooth loss. Not only does this ultimately mean more pain, but it can also end up costing a pretty penny. Visiting us now, means saving your teeth and your wallet in the future!

If that isn’t convincing enough, poor oral health can lead to other consequences, putting your overall health at risk. Research shows correlations between untreated dental issues and heart disease, pneumonia, and even stroke. Avoiding check-ups during COVID to minimize spread is understandable, but you put yourself at a much higher risk. Unchecked dental issues that start as problems that can be fixed in the clinic, may lead to a visit to the emergency room. 

Our number one priority is and will always be the health of our patients. We have taken precautions to minimize contact, and to increase protective equipment in our clinic. We never want to see a problem that could have been treated become a bigger issue, so we hope you pay us a visit soon, and we’re not just saying that cause we miss you!