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Sandhurst Summer, Smiles, Salad and Selfies

Published in August 2019. 

Sandhurst Summer, Smiles, Salad and Selfies

Summer is the season for smiles! Which means selfie season is in full swing! With the frigid winters behind us, come the picturesque landscapes, food truck festivals and general good vibes, it’s no wonder that people smile more.

This is also around the time that people start making more conscious efforts to make sure the smile they flash by the ice cream truck is healthy too. For this very reason, Sandhurst Family Dental presents to you a few fruits and veggies that will not only give your summer salads a kick of flavor but will make a good impression!

Add fruits and nuts

These fun additions add a sweet and crunchy texture to an otherwise boring salad. And it doesn’t hurt that they come packed with oral health benefits! Nuts like almonds, for example, are rich in calcium and protein, and everyone knows that calcium is good for healthy teeth and bones!

Have fun with your greens

The base for any good salad is the greens. You may be sick of hearing about the benefits of kale and spinach but the oral health benefits outweigh the inconvenience. Leafy greens are rich with calcium which builds your teeth’s enamel, they are also rich in folic acid which is a major contributor in cell repair and growth. Folic acid also helps to make teeth resistant to plaque and anaerobic bacteria build-up, therefore making them ideal candidates to perfect your smile. 

More crunch, please!

A few other salad essentials have also made our list of necessities for a summer smile—carrots and celery. Carrots and celery are rich in fiber and their crunchiness acts as a natural toothbrush of sorts, scraping away the bacteria and food particle build-up on your teeth. Eating foods like carrots also increases saliva production which acts as a natural cleaner for your mouth and is particularly useful in reducing the risk of cavities.

Make it fruity!

Now onto the fun stuff; the toppings! If you’ve never considered adding these foods to your salads before, now is a good time to start—almonds, strawberries, apple slices, and even pineapples. 

The jury is still out on whether pineapples belong on pizza, but they definitely need to be in your salads! Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that acts as a natural stain remover for your teeth, beware though as too much of anything can become harmful, as pineapples are fairly acidic they can promote enamel corrosion.

Apples are another fruit that has a multitude of benefits, similar to carrots and celery. Apples are rich in fiber and act as a natural scrub for your teeth, increasing saliva production scrubbing and washing away bacteria and food particles.

This summer staple doesn’t have to be boring. In fact the less boring, the better it is for your teeth! They can be a reflection of summer itself, with bright colors and calming. Crunch your way to good health. 

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