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Is Professional Teeth Whitening worth?

Published in August 2019. 

Is Professional Teeth Whitening worth?

The pros and cons

Everybody wants that perfect smile, and you have to admit that you probably go that extra mile when it comes to having a brighter and whiter smile. 

Whether you are brushing your teeth three or four times a day, or prefer over the counter whitening products, everyone has their own method for whitening. But have you considered cosmetic dental treatments?  Your local Scarborough dentists, here at Sandhurst Family Dental will help you decide what will work for your lifestyle. 

While teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure, there’s plenty of reasons to consider whitening treatments at your next appointment. But to help you find a little peace of mind, we’ve put together a few guides if you’re still on the fence. 

How do dentists do it?

Dental bleaching is the most common whitening process used. What causes the whiteness is a chemical process involving peroxide that restores slightly discoloured teeth over the course of several treatments.

Another common method also uses halogen lighting to accelerate the effectiveness of whitening chemicals. With this method, you would only need one treatment to see instantly whiter teeth

 Of course, too much of anything is never healthy, and the same applies to teeth whitening. Extended or overexposure to the whitening chemicals can cause abrasion and increased sensitivity.  But a professional dentist at Sandhurst Family Dental will help you prevent all of these. So if you begin feeling any discomfort in your teeth, you should be able to have an honest discussion with your dentist. 

Is it going to hurt?

Another common fear is the sensitivity of your teeth after the process. It isn’t uncommon to have sensitive teeth after whitening and depends on nerve exposure. It’s perfectly normal to feel sensitivity for one to two days, but again, our trained team will take every precaution to minimize any discomfort.

I think I’d rather do it at home.

As we mentioned in the beginning, you could very well purchase a DIY whitening kit. It’s convenient to be able to do it on your time in the comfort of your own home. But the effects are not as noticeable and treatments like teeth whitening strips are recommended to be done twice a day after brushing. So these are not ideal for people with busy lives already struggling to find time for flossing. 

Also, your teeth are still being exposed to chemicals that could cause abrasion and sensitivity when used excessively. Your best bet is to consult your dentist. An honest dentist will let you know whether or not teeth whitening for you. 

So… is professional teeth-whitening even worth it?

The real answer comes down to value.

Professional whitening treatments classify as cosmetic dentistry so they will cost more than your typical dental visit. The treatments can last from 6 months to 2 years. At-home whitening kits can cost up to $100 but do require a lot more upkeep in order to see longer-lasting results.

Either way, it does depend on the patient to make teeth whitening treatments last. As long as you continue brushing your teeth regularly, you can keep that smile white. Additionally, you can also avoid staining foods (wine, coffee, sugary drinks etc.) will ensure that your whitened teeth stay white. 

Still not sure? Visit our FAQ page on teeth whitening. You can also talk to your dentist at Sandhurst Family Dental whether whitening treatments will work for you. Book your appointment today!

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