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A Happy and Healthy Easter!

Published in June 2017. 

A Happy and Healthy Easter!

Here are some easy and healthy treats to make this Easter for the little ones the whole family will enjoy! Keep in mind these healthy and delicious treats and activities can be easily enjoyed all year around!

Easter is a great time to have fun with the entire family but sugary snacks can cause dental problems for your kids down the road. Traditional Easter treats, while delicious are often high in sugar, which is a leading contributor to tooth decay. So keep your dentist happy and your kids smiling with these easy snacks that will be light on the teeth.

These treats can be used all year around to encourage kids to snack smart and to maintain your family’s good oral health. At Sandhurst Family Dental, we pride ourselves in not only treating patients but educating them on how to live healthy and happy lives. We strongly believe in the importance of starting these healthy habits at a young age to encourage life-long habits of healthy choices that will promote overall great dental hygiene.

  1. Easter Yogurt Bark
    Try this frozen yogurt bark with greek yogurt, fruits, and honey as a healthy swap for traditional easter treats which are usually high in sugar. Wrap them up in colourful bags and give them out to your kids. A treat both young and old will enjoy. Low-sugar Yogurt is filled with calcium which helps build strong and healthy teeth. Link here for full recipe: myfussyeater.com
  2. “Carrots” aka Yogurt Covered Strawberries
    This easy recipe is made festive by making the strawberries look like mini carrots! Your kids will be both amused and surprised by these delightful treats. Strawberries are not only delicious and healthy but act as a natural teeth whitener. Link here for full recipe: awhiskandtwowands.com
  3. Banana Bunny Pops
    Another option are these banana bunny pops that taste as good as they look! Include the kids by getting them to help decorate the pops to look like bunnies to make a great Easter day activity for the entire family. Bananas are packed full of nutrients and are a soft fruit that don’t stick to teeth, making these treats, a dentist friendly recipe. Link here for full recipe: parents.com
  4. Easter Hard Boiled Eggs
    No Easter is complete without some hard boiled eggs! This low-sugar recipe is easy on your family’s teeth and a ton of fun to make with the kids. Turn hard-boiled eggs into little chicks and bunnies with the whole family for another fun Easter day activity. Eggs are highly nutritious and full of vitamin D which is important in helping your body absorb more calcium, to build strong teeth. Link here for full recipe: fivehearthome.com. Want to know more ways to promote healthy teeth with your diet? Come in for a consultation and the Sandhurst Family Dental team can educate you on making the right choices for a healthy, holistic approach.

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